Enthusiastic Comments

About Computer Networks And Internets

"The textbook covers a lot of material, and the author makes the contents very easy to read and understand, which is the biggest reason I like this book. It's very appropriate for a 3-credit class in that a lot of material can be covered. The student's positive feedback shows they too appreciate using this textbook."

Jie Hu, Saint Cloud State University


"Despite the plethora of acronyms that infest the discipline of networking, this book is not intimidating. Comer is an excellent writer, who expands and explains the terminology. The text covers the entire scope of networking from wires to the web. I find it outstanding."

Jennifer Seitzer, University of Dayton


"Wow, when I was studying for the CCNA exam, the clear explanations in this book solved all the problems I had understanding the OSI model and TCP/IP data transfer. It opened my mind to the fascinating world of networks and TCP/IP."

Solomon Tang PCCW, Hong Kong

"An excellent book for beginners and professionals alike well written, comprehensive coverage, and easy to follow."

John Lin, Bell Labs


"An invaluable tool, particularly for programmers and computer scientists desiring a clear, broad-based understanding of computer networks."

Peter Chuks Obiefuna, East Carolina University


"The book is one of the best that I have ever read. Thank you."

Gokhan Mutlu, Ege University, Turkey


"I just could not put it down before I finished it. It was simply superb."

Lalit Y. Raju Regional Engineering College, India


"The breadth is astonishing."

George Varghese, University of California at San Diego


"It's truly the best book of its type that I have ever seen. A huge vote of thanks!"

Chez Ciechanowicz Information Security Group, University Of London


"The miniature webserver in Appendix 1 is brilliant readers will get a big thrill out of it."

Dennis Brylow, Marquette University


"Wow, what an excellent text book."

Jaffet A. Cordoba, Technical Writer


"The book's great!"

Peter Parry, South Birmingham College, UK